Scandinavia is famous for its fresh air and clean water. The city of Stockholm has continuously made investments in technically advanced infrastructure to improve the environment, such as cleaning of the water, heating systems and extension of the public transportation system. In 2010 Stockholm was the European Green Capital and it´s the ideal place for environmental visits.

In recent years the Scandinavian climate politics has developed towards a stronger EU-integration and has also grown into a deeper international cooperation. Sweden shows great leadership both nationally and internationally and is actively working with reducing our negative climate impact and is rapidly trying to phase out our use of fossil energy. Nearly half of all energy used in Sweden comes from renewable energy sources. Primarily the energy comes from bioenergy and hydropower but the use of wind power is growing fast all over Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian companies currently conduct an active role in environmental, climate and energy issues. The topic is highly prioritized on the corporate agenda. Innovation, research and development that leads in to new, exciting and interesting products and services that combine functionality with better environmental performance is a goal for many of the Scandinavian companies.

Sweden is one of the countries that invest most money and resources on environmental measures and environmental protection. Great efforts have been made to protect and enhance endangered animals and plant species. Several mammal and bird species that previously were endangered in Sweden has been rescued of extinction during the last decades, and are now again a stable part of the fauna.