Scandinavian designs are often associated with furniture and glass, and through time we have had a lot of world famous designers. We can help you and your organization to meet with designers, architect’s or fashion brands.


People like Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and Bruno Mathsson are all foreground figures for the traditional Scandinavian design with its functionality and practicality. The inspiration often comes from our beloved nature. Scandinavian design are more than just design, it is a whole concept. The products, regardless if its furniture, textile or glass they all have one thing in common; rigor and simple design. A new trend in Scandinavia is “democratic design”, it means that the prices for design must be affordable so that most people can buy it. A good example of this is the big furniture chain IKEA, who often works with young, talented, Scandinavian designers. Another example of this is H&M that have had a lot of collaborations through the years with world leading fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and Versace. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be affordable, not only to the wealthy, but to all – is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism.

The modern architecture was initiated by a Swedish young group that started a school with a very rigor and strong variant of neoclassicism, Nordic Classicism, also known as “Swedish grace”.

Gunnar Asplund was one of the most famous designers from this group. Lister’s County courthouse in Sölvesborg, Stockholm public library and Skogskyrkogården, which today belongs to one of UNESCO:s world heritage, are some of his most important works.

Helsinki was named World Design Capital 2012 because of its never-ending contributions to the world of design. The Finnish architecture is frequently based on the position, and centers for the natural properties. Most of the influences is from abroad and has been formed and adapted to the Finnish conditions. Most commonly, Finland’s architectural achievements are related to modern architecture, mostly because the current building stock has less than 13% that date back to before 1920, which relates to the reconstruction following World War II.

Danish fashion stands as the fourth largest export out of all manufacturing industries in the country. Bringing in 30 billion dollars a year, fashion has become a catalyst in export, employment, and growth in Denmark.

Denmark, compered with its neighbor countries failed to make any new important contributions in the 1970s and 1980 in the design furniture industry. Instead industrial designers began to prosper, making use of the basic principles of focus on the user, respect for materials and attention to detail. In 1950 The Bernadotte and Bjørn studio was established and it was the first one to specialize in industrial design. The studio focused on office machines, domestic appliances and functional articles, they invented the famous “thermos jug”. The electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen is also one of the outstanding companies from Scandinavia that mix exclusive design with function.

The concept of Scandinavian design has been the subject of many scholarly debates, exhibitions and marketing agendas during the last 50 years, many of the democratic design ideals that were the central theme of the movement survived and are reflected in contemporary Scandinavian and international design. Let us know what you want to learn more about and we will arrange the perfect set up for you!