At Lotus Travel Group, we protect your personal privacy. This policy explains how we collect and use your information as well as your rights.
It is important that you take part in the policy and feel safe with our processing of your personal information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
All processing of personal data is in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016: 679 “and based on guidelines in the Lotus Travel Group.
Lotus Travel AB org. No. 556659-4593, Svensk-Kinesiska Resebyrån AB 559064-1899 and Scandinavian Perspectives AB 556659-4601 is subsidiaries of Lotus Travel Group AB 556539-4185 and follows the guidelines and policies according to parent company’s regulations. The before mentioned companies will from now be mentioned in this policy as Lotus Travel Group (“We”, “Us”).

Personal Data Controller
All three companies within Lotus Travel Group are Personal Data Controllers individually according to the General Data Protection Regulation (2016: 679) (“GDPR”) for the processing of personal data in each company.

When do we handle personal information?
Scandinavian Perspectives AB handles personal data:
– Upon employment or application for a vacancy or if you voluntarily send an application to one of our companies
– When you contact us in other cases
– When we have contact with suppliers to use their services
– When you make a booking to travel with us
What data are registered?
When you book a trip with Scandinavian Perspectives, information about name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, birthday (year, month, day), gender and nationality may be registered to fulfill our agreement with you as a customer. Same data are registered for adults and children. Sensitive data such as health, allergies or special diet are provided voluntarily and on the initiative of you as a customer.
For some trips, we also need to get a copy of your passport, as required by some cruise companies, airlines and attractions.
If we hire you as a guide for any of our trips we will process your personal information such as name, phone number, e-mail address and gender. In some cases, we may need information about qualifications, birthday and birth place.

What purpose do we have for the registration of personal data and who have access to them?

The submitted personal information is used for the purpose of why they were submitted.

If you are a customer of us, your personal information will be used to fulfill our agreement with you as a customer, in order to deliver and manage the travel services you ordered. We will also handle your customer information in our internal administration such as accounting and auditing.

If you are a supplier or agent to us, we process your personal information only for our joint business relationship and in accordance with supplier agreements.

As a guide for Scandinavian Perspectives, we register your information for our business relationship in accordance with the guide agreement. We may share your personal information with our customers when you provide service and support to our travelers. This may mean that your personal data can be sent outside the EU / EES area, where our customers are based

Personal data collected by Scandinavian Perspectives may be shared with and processed by Lotus Travel Group of companies. Lotus Travel Group only share your personal information to third parties (persons or companies outside of Lotus Travel Group) when it is necessary in order to fulfill our agreement with you.

When you are applying for vacancies with us or leaving your contact information in other cases, the information are not used for any purpose other than the purpose you provided them.

At the times personal data is provided from us (the Personal data Controller) to our suppliers (the Personal Data Processor), the handling of your information is governed by a Personal Data Agreement. Personal Data Processors are required to follow instructions on the handling of personal data mentioned in the agreement and may not use the data for purposes other than those stipulated in the agreement.

In other cases, your personal information may be shared to third parties for reasons of law, regulation or authority decision.

How long are your data kept?

Scandinavian Perspectives saves your personal information as long as we will fulfill our commitment, such as in order to be able to complete contracts, deliver services ordered and handle any complaints. Certain personal data required in compliance with various legal obligations, such as the Accounting Act, will be saved in accordance with the filing period described in the law. This means that personal data can be stored in different places depending on what purpose it was processed, which means that if a personal data is deleted from a system for it is no longer needed, it may still be stored in another, where it is stored on the basis of agreements or legal regulations.

If you have applied for a vacancy with us, your information will be saved until the vacancy is filled, in other cases we can keep your data for future positions if you have given your consent to continued handling.

Supplier contacts and information about you as a guide are stored in accordance with the agreement’s validity. Upon completion of the business relationship, the data is removed from our records. If our contact person with you as a supplier leaves, their information will be removed without unnecessary delay at your request.


The basis for accounting is stored for 7 years from the end of the fiscal year, according to the Accounting Act.

Your rights for your personal data

You can contact us at any time to get full information about what data is registered about you, what handling is being done, who has access to your personal data and how long they are stored. You may, at any time, withdraw the consent you have given us. You are entitled to correct and update the information that appears to be irrelevant, incomplete or incorrect. You may also request that any information about you be deleted, transmitted, restricted or discontinued processing your personal information.

Handling of your personal data can also be continued if other rules and laws require it, such as the Accounting Act. Requests for rectification or deletion must be submitted to the Responsible for Data Protection in written form with signature and allowed to give 4 weeks’ processing time. You are entitled to file complaints to the Data Inspection at any time if you believe that your personal data is processed in violation of the applicable data protection regulation.


Links to third party websites are not covered by this policy. Before you submit your personal information on websites linked from any of the Lotus Travel Group websites, read the linked website’s Data Protection Policy.

Personal Data Incident

In the event of personal data incidents such as intrusion, destruction or loss of personal data, the affected will be contacted by the Lotus Travel Group Responsible for Data Protection. The event will also be notified to the Swedish authority Datainspektionen within 72 hours of the incident’s discovery.

To secure processing of personal data, Lotus Travel Group conducts ongoing organizational and technical measures to meet the requirements for built-in data protection and data protection by default. We take all necessary security measures to protect personal data and reduce risks.


Contact Information

Responsible for Data Protection
Matilda Krüger
Lotus Travel Group AB
Sankt Göransgatan 66,
112 33 Stockholm

Organization number: 556539-4185
Telephone: 08-545 188 40