FINLANDFinland is a large country with a small population and offers a lot of space and unspoiled nature. Finland was part of Sweden until 1809 and this common history makes it a natural member of the Scandinavian brotherhood of today. High standards of living, a multi-party political system and high moral and social values are the hallmarks of the modern Finnish way of life.

Finland is often referred to as the country of the thousand lakes. The true number is actually 187 888. The lakes are linked by rivers, straits and canals, offering opportunities for a variety of recreation. In summertime, boating, swimming and fishing are very popular outdoor activities.

In winter, the frozen lakes transform into a giant playground for skiers and skaters. The other main element of nature is the forest, which extends to all parts of the country except for northern Lapland.

Finland flag

Capital: Helsinki
Official Language: Finnish
Population: 5.4 million
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Time Zone: UTC+2, Summer UTC+3
Calling Code: + 358

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