Best Northern Light season in a decade!

According to Swedish state radio, the coming winter of 2013-2014 will be the most active Northern Light season in ten years – this means that your chances to see this magnificent sky-phenomena has never been better!

This is a translated summary of the article:

“This winter we expect to be treated to the best aurora season (Northern Lights) in ten years. At the beginning of next year,  researchers see that the sun reaches its maximum when it is most active, which also provides the best aurora. (…) Best place to experience the northern lights have been in Abisko, says researcher Urban Brändström, because it is important to have clear skies.
– When you have clear skies and looking towards the north, you will see that the Aurora can start with little bows far to the north, and if you’re lucky it’s a great magnetic disturbance to bring it south and then it could explode over the sky in amazing beautiful colors.”

Read the full article here. (Swedish only)

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